Drayden Insurance Ltd.

After a successful rebrand Drayden decided it was time to update their messaging with a targeted product specific campaign integrated across all lines of business - personal and commercial – and over all mediums - traditional and digital. The resulting campaign features a strong call to action over a variety of insurance scenarios, all in support of the brand proposition – “Drayden Insurance: Here. For you.” – highlighting the value in the relationship Drayden builds with its clients; to the extent that ‘partner’ became shorthand for the Drayden brand. Execution is on-going and includes outdoor, transit, print, direct mail, digital, and social media. As well elements of the campaign have been incorporated into the Drayden website and print collateral materials.

Drayden Insurance transit add
Drayden Insurance digital add
Drayden Farm Insurance graphic
Drayden Insurance Ltd Outdoor ad