About Vision

Smart research and solid strategic planning create the foundation for distinct and relevant messaging. This has provided our clients with a strong base on which to build their ongoing marketing and communications efforts. Keeping our clients top-of-mind with their clients is central to everything we do. This requires creativity that is on strategy and works consistently – both in the imaginations of our creative team and in the real world.

Our Approach

At the core of Vision’s practise is the desire to challenge the ordinary with curiosity, creative verve and bold thinking. This comes into play whether we are designing a website or developing and executing a marketing and brand strategy. Key to Vision’s success has been applying fresh thinking and solid execution to each project. We do so by including our clients in the initial brainstorming, undertaking research and melding strategic outcomes with strong, smart creative approaches.

Our Core Competencies

Vision is a full service marketing communications agency, providing clients with a full complement of in-house services including:

  • Strategic Communication Planning & Research
  • Brand Strategy & Execution
  • Campaign Development & Execution
  • Graphic Design & Creative Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Digital & Social Media Strategies
Gord Gilroy


Partner, Senior Account Manager

Experience & skill sets

  • B Comm, University of Alberta, specialization in marketing
  • 25 years working/learning with clients on marketing / communication opportunities
  • Brand strategy development and execution
  • Actively involved in the community in a number of volunteer initiatives and boards

What Gord brings to the table

Gord brings a goal-oriented business perspective to the creative process. He has an ability to see through the clutter and then ask the important questions that propel great creative. He is a master of facilitating a collaborative creative environment within the company. Ultimately, Gord ensures that Vision’s clients get smart, hard-working creative that deliver the most effective results.

The one thing

A natural ability and earnest desire to connect with people.

Venita Heiland


Partner, Senior Account Manager

Experience & skill sets

  • 20 + years in the industry working in business development and account management.
  • Experience with a diverse client base of small and large, private and public sector accounts - both local and national.
  • A rock solid approach that ensures the team stays on strategy and on budget.
  • Volunteer work with a variety of not-for-profits including “Suit Yourself” and Norquest’s “1000 Women - A Million Possibilities.”

What Venita brings to the table

Venita’s strength is her ability to merge a myriad of different skills and various points of view into effective marketing and communications solutions for Vision clients. Venita is a catalyst in encouraging the truly innovative and on-target messaging essential to building strong campaigns while retaining a clear picture of the client’s objectives at every stage of strategy and campaign development.

The one thing

An unrelenting talent for keeping things on – on brief, on brand, on track and on target.

Brad Blasko


Partner & Senior Art Director

Experience & skill sets

  • A superior design aesthetic
  • Extensive experience in the development of logo identities
  • Brand & advertising campaign creative
  • A natural ability to draw out the best from the creative team

What Brad brings to the table

Brad’s creative mind is so swift and precise that audiences are constantly surprised by the ease and appeal of the communication. Brad has methodically built an extensive collection of visual identities, memorable campaigns, and collateral materials that have made him legendary for perfection in aesthetic, while delivering messages with relentless clarity.

The one thing

Perennial, natural curiosity about things, fueled by a desire to share and collaborate.

Beverly Lubrin


Project Manager

Experience & skill sets

  • B Comm, University of Alberta, Finance and Marketing
  • Well versed in the management of a diverse client base that represents everything from arts to agriculture.
  • A well-rounded approach to all projects ensuring clients’ objectives are met.

What Beverly brings to the table

Beverly’s curiosity for the unfamiliar led her to study, live abroad and travel throughout Europe and Asia. This exposure to various perspectives combined with her fascination for getting to know and understand people forms the basis of her approach when catering to her clients’ needs. She partners with clients to understand their opportunities and works with the Vision team to deliver solutions that achieve the clients’ marketing and communication goals.

The one thing

Curiosity. Curiosity leads to asking the smart questions, discovering opportunities and ultimately finding the right answers.

Kelly Dean


Art Director

Experience & skill sets

  • Digital & interactive design
  • Brand identity & collateral
  • Strategic marketing campaigns
  • Motion graphics & video

What Kelly brings to the table

Kelly’s passion to create stems from an ongoing curiosity that transcends the worlds of commercial design and fine art. This mindset propels her ability to come up with visually compelling, razor-sharp strategic solutions for our clients. She’s a multi-talented, multi-media specialist, skilled in digital, video and traditional marketing.

The one thing

Kelly believes you should experience as much as you can: it opens your mind to the best possibilities and most creative of endeavours.

Braden Bierkos


Junior Designer

Experience & skill sets

  • Digital and print design
  • UX/UI and website design
  • MacEwan University, Bachelor of Design program (current)

What Braden brings to the table

Braden brings raw talent, magnetic enthusiasm and a unique creative spark to the Vision team. As our newest creative, his curiosity knows no bounds. Braden has a knack at getting to the root of a creative challenge. He’s always looking for opportunities to expand his skillsets in illustration, motion graphics and brand design.

The one thing

In the realm of creativity, one size does not fit all. Finding the golden nugget requires exhaustive exploration.

Matt Lansom


Web Developer

Experience & skill sets

  • BSc, Leeds Met University, specializing in web applications
  • Custom CMS development, WordPress development
  • Website database design, hosting server setup
  • Hands on knowledge of a variety of programming language frameworks, libraries, compilers and APIs

What Matt brings to the table

Through the years, Matt's responsibilities have evolved from designing/developing websites to managing a team of developers; handling multiple large-scale projects with overlapping timelines, and developing custom Content Management Systems (CMS). Matt’s diverse skill set has given him the rare ability to see a project from a technical, visual and practical standpoint.

The one thing

An organized problem solver by nature, Matt constantly challenges himself to stay on top of new technologies and to hone his knowledge of business analytics.

Jamie Humble


Project Manager

Experience & skill sets

  • Coordinating client projects with an eye to detail
  • Brainstorming and development of creative ideas
  • Managing client campaigns including the website design and development process

What Jamie brings to the table

Jamie brings perspective and patience and combines that with a fine eye for details to help ensure the most complex projects execute smoothly. She is able to take charge of a situation and demonstrate the leadership qualities that make her a successful elite-level ringette coach.

The one thing

Awareness of the marketplace and our evolving society, locally and globally.

Dave Neufeld


Creative Director

Experience & skill sets

  • 20+ years experience as a content director/ copywriter in Edmonton and Calgary
  • Corporate, B2B and B2C campaigns; brand development; inbound marketing; traditional marketing
  • Sales-focused marketing strategies at all funnel stages
  • Adept at writing for all mediums: digital, video, webinar, broadcast, social, inbound

What Dave brings to the table

Dave approaches every marketing challenge using both sides of his brain. He brings creative leadership to our team and a strategic mindset to every project. Dave digs deep to understand your business and identify opportunities to help you optimize growth – and achieve your sales and marketing goals.

The one thing

Dave is never happy with good enough. He’s continually pushing the boundaries of effective communication.

Stacey Horne


Production Manager

Experience & skill sets

  • Extensive knowledge of the print industry
  • Comprehensive understanding of art production in all its forms
  • Thorough knowledge with Adobe Creative Cloud applications
  • Up to date on the changing nature of IT within the agency framework

What Stacey brings to the table

25+ years of experience to ensure our creative efforts come to life with minimal setbacks.

The one thing

The best creative can fall apart without proper execution.