Canadian Western Bank

Project: “Part of Your Crew” Financing Campaign

The Canadian Western Bank Equipment Financing Group (CWB EFG) has been part of the Bank’s core service offering for over 15 years. Although CWB EFG’s existing clients are very happy with the service they receive, there is low awareness of the specialized EFG division. In gaining increased awareness, CWB did not want to be perceived as “bankers.” Instead they wanted to be perceived as partners in their clients' business.

Vision worked with the client to develop campaign messaging that encompassed the sentiment that: CWB understands their clients’ business - they get what their clients need and the work they do; CWB does what it takes to get the deal done; and that CWB is willing to work around client’s schedules to make deals happen. The result was a creative concept built around the idea of CWB EFG being “part of your crew” – a concept that positioned CWB EFG as being a trusted partner who is committed to the success of their clients’ businesses and as willing to work hard as any member of the clients’ crew. This creative theme helped demonstrate that CWB was different from other banks and was willing to roll up its sleeves and get to work, just like its equipment financing clients do everyday.

The campaign concept extended to decaling for equipment and vehicle branding, in-branch displays, brochures and on-line and print advertising. Key to the creative execution was the use of imagery that spoke to the kind of dirt work and resource industries (oilfield services, road building, construction, transportation and forestry) that is relevant to the target audience. Images of hard hats, lunchboxes, safety vests, work gloves and work boots all helped underscore the idea that CWB EFG is “part of the client’s crew.”