Injury Prevention Centre

Project: 2014/2015 Suicide Prevention Campaign

In 2010, 513 Albertans died by suicide. Of these deaths, 75% were men, the vast majority between the ages of 30 - 69 years. Vision worked with the client to develop and implement a provincial campaign focused on awareness around suicide prevention. The campaign addressed 3 key messages:

  • Know the signs
  • Start the conversation
  • Reach out

A series of posters, postcards,video and media event collateral visually depicted the diversity of men who consider suicide and identified the roles these men play in others’ lives. The tagline “Keep Him Here” acknowledged how every individual can support and help someone who is struggling. Campaign resources were distributed to over 32 community partners including: municipal family and community support services,mental health organizations, Alberta Health Services (Addictions and Mental Health) and Métis settlements.